Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Piss, vinegar, and fear

Little Warrior is looking so good. Pudgy, and showing some piss 'n vinegar. Last night, I sat down with a bowl of cheerios for myself and a cup of cheerios for her. Well, she crawled over and began taking handfuls of mine. (Luckily, I like mine without milk.) I explained, 'LW's cheerios, Mama's cheerios ...' LW grabbed onto my bowl with both hands and I'm not entirely sure what she said, but I don't believe she was echoing my words. And frankly, I believe she used language not becoming a young lady.

I tried to wrest my bowl away from her, unsuccessfully, and somewhere in the confusion, she also managed to get my spoon away from me.

So ...

I ate Cheerios out of the box, by the handful, while LW very carefully maneuvered the spoon in the bowl to dump cheerios on the floor.

We're so proud. Using a spoon at 12 months.


I'm afraid to be happy.

I'm afraid to be hopeful.

This goes against my personality. I am an "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die" kind of person. We can't really prepare for the worst, emotionally, so we should enjoy today.

I'm trying to.

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