Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Menu bar code?

Anyone know of any good code for a drop down menu bar? I do web design, but am a graphics person, not a java person. I purchased from milonic.com but the menu bar is quite buggy, and it freezes on people running it on Explorer.

I officially "retired" from all this Little Warrior was diagnosed, but this was a prior client.

I wish the world would let me do nothing but tend to my sheep.

Welcome to life, kid.


Steve Caldwell said...

I've got a javascript menubar code that I downloaded from a freeware script archive that I used to use on my congregation's web site.

We are currently not using this menubar code (having switched to Moveable Type blog software for content management).

I've still got one page of UU campus ministry materials on our domain that uses the old menu bar. You can try it out here:


Most of the menubar links don't work properly now, but it gives you an idea of the menu bar's appearance. I've checked the operation of this menu bar on both PC (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla) and Mac OS X (Firefox, Mozilla, Safari).

Send an email to the webmaster address at the allsoulsuushreveport.org domain name and I can send you a copy of the menu bar files.

Good luck,

Anne said...

You speaka the greek to me.. :) But good luck with all that!