Sunday, June 11, 2006

I just stepped over part of a castle ...

...a Barbie castle to be precise. It is behind our living room couch, with assorted paraphenalia scattered about. Ken is lying face down amongst a crown and some little dishes. Christmas Cookin' Barbie is on her back, her arms stretched toward the heavens in supplication. Birthday Barbie is away from all the rest; the newest in the neighborhood, the others think she is snobbish, but she's probably just shy. And Fairy Barbie is twisted in an odd, unnatural position, obviously the victim of foul play.

The other flotsam and jetsam of Bo Peep's 4th birthday are scattered around the rest of the living room. The kids are in the kitchen, eating the leftover hot dogs and cake. (Strawberry with chocolate frosting and chocolate with butter-rum buttercream frosting.)

Mom ate way too much today and is here, at the computer, nursing a Coke zero. Little Warrior is in her high chair, suspiciously looking from her cheerios to the cake that the others have. Mom needs to learn how to make Crisco (non-dairy) frosting.

The Husband is putting dishes in the dishwasher. Such a nice man. And smart, too, since he didn't eat his stomach to distension.

Thank you for Today.

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Anne said...

Strawberry cake sounds wonderful..

Glad it was such a good day. :)