Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Clash of Coincidences, or More Fun With Tivo

With Tivo, you can program in "wish list" words to see what shows come up with those words (or actors' names). It's like Google for tv.

I'm lazy about deleting my wish list words, which is why "Christmas" and "Halloween" are still on there.

Interesting tidbit: on just about any day throughout the year, you can watch a Christmas or Halloween episode of some show. For some reason, now, that seems remotely comforting. If I need it to be Christmas today, it can be.

One of my other wish list words: cancer. I don't know why. It's the same motivation that lead me to watch pregnancy shows while pregnant or baby shows when one of my babies was first born. I want to see other people going through what I am, in some fashion.

Which explains why today, I watched the episode of Murphy Brown wherein she buys a wig and joins a breast-cancer support group, and "The Doctor," a really good movie made in 1991 starring William Hurt as an insensitive ass of a doctor who gets cancer.

Predictable? Sure it is. Doesn't mean that I don't wish every single medical student would watch it.

Got a call from a BabyDoc today. By BabyDoc, I don't mean someone who treats doctors. I mean one of those interns / fellows/ apparently-12-year-olds-that-they-give-medical-degrees-to-these days.

The oncology team had a meeting today and discussed Little Warrior's last CT. Overall, nothing bad. However, there are some "abnormal" areas near where they cut on her kidneys. Most likely, these are the nephrogenic rests that we suspected would be there. This isn't bad, in and of itself. These "rests" can turn into cancer, but they don't necessarily.

Right now, they just need a baseline so that they can compare future CT scans. So, they may do an MRI on Little Warrior. Nothing to worry about yet. Not that that's stopping me.

By the way, a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I don't believe in the "power of prayer" in the traditional sense.

That doesn't mean I don't pray anyway.

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