Friday, June 30, 2006

New Music

I just discovered the Ditty Bops. Hooray for happy music.

It's been a good music week. Just downloaded the Joey Ramone version of Wonderful World and now a new band to enjoy. Oh, and the Burt Bacharach/Elvis Costello "Who Are These People?"

Neil Young ain't the only pissed artist. Pretty cool hearing the dulcet tones of a BB song with words like:

This stupid mess we’re in just keeps getting worse
So many people dying needlessly
Looks like the liars may inherit the earth
Even pretending to pray
And getting away with it

Hooray for musicians.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Oh man..I cant stand those Ditty bops. For some reason they just make me want to sqeeze them until their eyes pop out of their heads.

Maybe I just dont get them. The only one I can stand is the bus driver.

I might have some anger issues... :)