Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why LE Was Slamming Her Steering Wheel Repeatedly Monday Night

It was Rev. Anthony David's fault. (And thanks to Hysteric Cleric for pointing the way ...)

"Amen! Speak it, Brother!" Lizard Eater shouted, startling other motorists at the stoplight.

If you have ever had someone say to you, "I just wish our services were more 'spiritual' ..."

If you have ever had someone say to you, "Ehh, that was pretty touchy-feely/new-agey ..."

If you have ever had someone say to you, "That was just too dry, too intellectual ..."

If you have ever had someone say to you, "Man, I just want someone to give me something relevant to my life ..."

Etc Etc Etc Etc

To where you, a humble Worship Chair - slash - seminary student have curled up into a fetal ball and thought really, the only problem with Unitarian Universalism is the Unitarian Universalists in it ...

Listen or Read his sermon on "The Four Spiritualities."

Angels will weep. Clarity will be given. And you, the humble Worship Chair slash seminary student will remember again how dearly you love not only this religion, but the people in it.

Bless all our little pointed heads.


ms. kitty said...

LE, have you read Peter Richardson's wonderful book "The Four Spiritualities"? He's a retired UU minister and the book is absolutely great, in my opinion.

ms. kitty said...

It' probably available through the UUA bookstore.

Lizard Eater said...

Thanks, Ms. Kitty! I just ordered a used copy through amazon.

ms. kitty said...

When I finished reading Anthony's sermon, I realized he was talking about a different system than Peter, but the outcomes are similar---some people need different things in worship and here's a way to understand that. I use that knowledge regularly.

Masasa said...

I'm such a gemini, LOL, relating powerfully from my deepest inner core to (at least) two types.