Monday, February 23, 2009

It Matters What We Do

It's easy to forget that in those big ole companies -- pharmaceuticals, for example -- there's people working, doing things that make a big difference in the world. I have to admit, that with all the chemo LW received, I didn't stop and think about the actual men and women who manufacture the medicine. Medicine. To heal.

Well, not everyone forgets. This mom is so aware of it, that there are people whose day's work means her children don't get sick, that she goes and thanks them personally. And they returned her attention. Go read and see if it doesn't reframe some thoughts for you.

We are all so interdependent.

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Earthbound Spirit said...

Thanks for this, LE. My spouse writes software for medical imaging machines. Before there were MRIs, many more people had to go through invasive surgery just to be diagnosed. He knows what he does makes a difference, and so do most of the people he works with.