Monday, February 09, 2009

I think having 4 kids is easier than having 1

Most of the time.

Today, however, is one of those You Are The Parent of Four Children days.

The Boy missed 3 days of school last week due to strep, so the combination of Type A - Gifted Child - OCD was causing him to flip out this morning.

The Princess looked a little ... strange ... this morning. Looked closer. She had cut her bangs to maybe 1 inch long. Then I did the stupid parent thing. I asked a direct question. "Did you cut your bangs?" Big Wide Eyes. Noooooo, she said. I mean, directly lied. Standing there in front of me with bangs that are 4 inches shorter than they were yesterday. I would ask, "How stupid do kids think their parents are?" but that's not really an answer I want, do I?

And Bo Peep, who is the perfect student, with perfect conduct, and extremely shy ... wet her pants, because she thought if she asked to go to the restroom, the teacher would "move my clip and then I wouldn't get a stamp." I went up to the school with dry pants ... oof, she looked so crushed, so embarrassed. Just pitiful. I wanted to whisk her away but I knew that would just make it a thousand times more difficult to go to school tomorrow.

Little Warrior, however, is happily playing by herself, and providing me some amusement, as she does the voices for all 20 of the dolls she is playing with. Hey, I was a youngest kid, too. Sometimes you just know to lie low.

Somedays, I have to go to class. Tonight, I get to go.


plaidshoes said...

What a day! I hope you get to relax at class ;-)

ogre said...

(bangs cut...)


Sorry. I'm remember my goddaughter doing this. Only... younger, I think, and with a more punky effect.

At least twice. I recall that scissors were exiled from the house for a very extended period of time.

And yes, that's the bad parent question. Alternative direct question: "Why..."

Hope class was good.