Monday, February 23, 2009

Value Prioritization

I've been thinking about what I value. The things below, well, I value all of them. But I pushed myself to see what I prioritize over the other.

I value honesty over politeness
I value kindness over intellect
I value humility over confidence
I value security (opposite of insecurity) over modesty

Hopefully of course, we can have all of these. Honesty AND politeness. Kindness AND intellect. But for me, one can be more important than the other.

This is just mine, now. Your values may be exactly the opposite, or, more likely, things I haven't even mentioned. What's interesting to me, is how these change. A few years ago, humility probably wouldn't have even made the list. It just wasn't something I thought about, either in myself or others. And I probably would have chosen intellect over kindness.

I've been thinking a lot about honesty lately, thanks to Moxie and Eric Holder. I learn so much when others open themselves up, and are willing to be honest. I'll probably write about that sometime, but right now, I have to unpack some things and straighten them out. My thoughts, I mean.

What do you value?


Ms. Theologian said...

Interesting question---I tend to value authenticity over just about everything. I'm sort of playing out each of these dichotomies in my mind still.

Anna Banana said...

Agree with Ms. Theologian. Our sermon yesterday was about the blessings of imperfection and the value of aiming toward wholeness (another word for authenticity, I think).