Sunday, August 24, 2008

Please do NOT kill your dad

Well, since I have some extra time, I'm checking in with my blogstats. I check in periodically. The actual numbers don't mean a lot to me, nor what browser folks use, but the search terms used to find my site are interesting.

Several phrases show up practically every time. It's funny, when writing a post, I've never thought, "people will google this later and find my site." Some of the most popular search terms:

Agave+margarita, which goes to: The Perfect Margarita
That's nice, because along with preaching the religion of Unitarian Universalism, I preach the religion of a perfect margarita. I don't think I get seminary credit for it, though.

Party+Scene+Breakfast+at+Tiffany's, which goes to: The Party Scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Interesting. I wonder why so many people google that.

Olbermann+Unitarian, which goes to: Keith Olbermann Outs Himself as a Unitarian

Eight+Cow+Wife, which goes to: The 8 Cow Wife
I'm glad. I think that's a lovely little story about how we treat people.

There's a few others that show up often, like people googling for information on canceling an interview, who wind up on my post about deciding to cancel my interview with a UU minister. Maybe it gives them perspective, but I doubt it's what they're looking for.

And THEN ...

There is this search phrase, which shows up a coupla times every week:


Oh My.

Well, the reason why that leads them to my site is because of this, where I was speaking metaphorically about Little Warrior being so pitifully brave that it ripped The Husband's heart.

Let me state UNEQUIVOCALLY that I do not in any form condone killing one's father. Please seek help from your school counselor, police officer, minister, rabbi, or iman. Or another trusted adult.

Thank you.

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