Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another liberal shot

No real details yet, but it sounds like the gunman was upset over a job loss. He went into party headquarters and shot Arkansas Democratic Party chairman, Bill Gwatney.

Too hazy right now -- might also have waved a gun in Arkansas State Baptist Convention headquarters.

Too many thoughts rushing through my head. Will stop now and wait til they find out more.


ogre said...

Bill Gwatney died.
The cops pursued and shot the shooter, killing him--Tim Johnson of Searcy, AR.
There was a rumor that he'd been an employee of Gwatney's (Gwatney's family owns a couple car dealerships), but the police have very strongly rejected that. But someone at the Baptist site indicated that the guy with the gun said something about losing his job.

So maybe this is a case of his losing his job (somewhere) and holding liberals to blame (wonder where he'd get such an idea?) and going after the most prominent Democrat he could think of.

goodwolve said...

Living in Arkansas I can say that I am not surprised. I am sad, but not surprised.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little unclear why this is an obvious case of a "liberal" being shot (particularly since it's not even clear that the shooter had *any* particular political motivations). In any case, there's certainly no one-to-one correspondence between "liberal" and Democratic Party operative, ideologically speaking.

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