Monday, August 25, 2008

I didn't just see Michelle ...

I thought Michelle Obama's speech was great and her delivery fantastic.

Amongst all the nattering heads afterward, what was touching to me were the African American correspondents who were clearly affected, and said so. They saw their sister, their mother, their wife, their daughter, up there.

For me, I saw my sister's high school best friend, Wanda, who was valedictorian, but our backwoods school board couldn't take a black girl being valedictorian so that year -- only that year -- they had the top 5 students be "co-valedictorians."

I saw my own friends, like my college friend, "T", who introduced me to the Negro National Anthem. I saw my friend L.A.'s daughter, a drop-dead 13 year old, Danish on her father's side and Jamaican on her mother's.

The speech itself was terrific. The delivery was warm and engaging and it pulled you in with its sincerity.

And Michelle Obama is the potential first-lady. And she's African American. And she makes ME proud to be an American.

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