Sunday, August 27, 2006

No Man's Land

Right now I am in a no man's land because the future will affect what this period of my life comes to be seen as.

Path A: Little Warrior's cancer is gone, and we are on the path of the rest of our lives, where we will look back and say, "Yes, she had cancer when she was a baby." The cancer will merely be a relatively short portion of our family story, duly noted on medical charts, a painful but gradually muted memory.

Path B: We are in a honeymoon/lull right now, and at a certain point in time, we will be back on the cancer-go-round, with all of the fear and worry that comes with.

I am trying to live my life, as best as I can, believing that we are on Path A. As I have already learned, there is no such thing as preparing for the worst, so one must enjoy the wine and roses as long as they last.

With time, it will get easier.

So long as we can stay on Path A.

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