Friday, August 18, 2006

Breast Cancer Barbie

Kristina Collins just blogged about Mattel coming out with a breast cancer Barbie. She reports that she and other writers on the Young Survival Coalition have a few suggestions for the Mattel Company.

-Barbie should be bald and have assorted wigs included instead of the bouffant hairdo.

-Barbie's skin should be more grayish and she should be at least 10lbs overweight from steroids.

-some accessories in the box should also include a little toilet to throw up in, many prescription bottles that she can't keep track of and clippers for when she needs to buzz her hair.

LOVE those ideas and even more, the humorous spirit behind them.

In perusing some pictures over the past year, I came across a picture I made of Little Warrior right before surgery. To say that her abdomen was bulging is understatement of the year. The rest of her, bone skinny. Our mental photographs must be softer than reality -- looking at that picture, I burst into tears. LW is asleep in front of Sesame Street and it took all my will to not go scoop that fat baby up.

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