Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Here we are, Dorothy"

With 30 lbs of roasted New Mexican peppers, 10 lbs of the best German sausage you'll ever eat, a suitcase full of clean clothes (thanks to doing laundry at Mom's before leaving), we are home.

And all are glad to be. As we pulled into our neighborhood, the children began spontaneously singing a song of their own creation extolling their joy at returning. The baby cannot sing yet, but she swung her foot around with great happiness.

Gotta unpack. Answer emails. Vacuum seal and freeze the aforementioned food. Go through the kids clothes to figure out what they need for back-to-school, which is next week. Clean out the fridge. All that.

Still and all, good to be home.


Tiffanie said...


Anne said...

That doing the laundry before you leave might be the smartest thing that I have ever heard of.

Why have I never thought of that?

Oh yeah..cause I am a lazy bum!