Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Drunk Baby

Not only is Little Warrior a mean-ass drunk, she's the kind of drunk who says, "Watch me climb that radio tower!"

This was discovered yesterday when LW received the sedative Chlora Hydrate for the first time. Google tells me Marilyn Monroe had a 'script for this same drug.

Waking up from it, she bit, kicked, screamed to get down ... but was still 'drunk,' so she couldn't even crawl. Nonetheless, she knew that she could walk and climb. "I'm finnnnne," she slurred. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what she was trying to say. She cursed me a bit, too. And speaking of 'bit,' I have the bite marks to prove it all.

Reason for this was an echocardiogram, which came back normal, yay.

But I didn't let her drive home.


Anne said...

Maybe its time to put her on a program...

Crazy drunk babies..when will they ever learn??

Mary-Elizabeth Sierra Lanham's Mom said...

My second favorite word besides remission, Normal.