Saturday, February 04, 2006

Obladi, Life Goes On

"Obladi, oblada, life goes on, bra ..."

Even with cancer.

We are back home. Little Warrior had her second course of chemo last Thursday. She's throwing up about twice a day (and the doctors tell me that in babies, chemo doesn't cause nausea. Ha.) and her skin is a little dry, but so far, so good. Now that we're home, she has actually laughed at her siblings, done some smiling, and life is somewhat back to normal. I mean, other than the fact that we're taking her temp and blood pressure constantly, I'm wearing a watch that beeps at me every 8 hours for her blood pressure medication, the children aren't allowed to touch her, we're not allowed to go to the store or church ...

Well, other than THAT, Mrs. Lincoln ...

But life does go on. The 3 year old has a stomach bug, so we're trying to keep the two of them separate. But last night, we had a good dinner, all watched a DVD together, then karaoke in the living room.

Our living angels have been swirling around us, bringing us casseroles and Teletubbies DVDs, chocolate and company. It is amazing how important a card in the mail is -- it symbolizes a prayer, a moment in time where the person purchased it, signed it, addressed it and mailed it -- thinking of us while doing so, it's a tangible reminder of the energy being sent our way. I have never been that much of a card-sender; this has changed that.

We go to the children's hospital for chemo. There's an outpatient clinic with an entire floor devoted to pediatric oncology. You would think it would be depressing, a floor filled with children fighting cancer.

It's not! They've done such a terrific job. It's open and airy, and all about kids. There's toys, wagons, tvs, special lounges. They have a process you go through every time, so you used to what is going to happen. There's child life specialists on hand to help with distracting children or talking to siblings. Everywhere you go, there's someone saying, "what an adorable baby!" The vibe there is bright and happy.

", la, la, how life goes on."

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