Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Keep your "miracle drug" of choice to yourself

Tip to the world: we all have a "miracle drug" that we believe in. But just because you believe in yours, do not try and convince me it is the One and Only Miracle Cure. Your cure may be:

* The Raw Food Diet
* Positive Thinking
* Jesus

... I'm not interested.

Prayers? Prayers, I love. Whether you pray to Allah, Jesus, Kali, of The Great Spirit of Mankind, I thank you for your prayers. I appreciate your prayers and I believe that there is a significant power in prayer that we don't understand.

But do not try and tell me to just hand my problems over to God and He will deliver. (I'm curious ... when people are given this platitude, and then the worst happens, do they then return to the platitude-giver and say, "Dude, what's up with what you promised?" Says my husband: "If they did, they'd just be given another platitude like 'Well, God has a plan.'")

And in terms of the "drink juice" or "eat raw food" or "don't give her chemo, it's poison" people ... get a life. Other than one bite of home-cooked sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving, this baby has had nothing but breastmilk, straight from the source. And chemotherapy is the reason why so many children now survive childhood cancer.

Pray for me. But do not tell me how to pray.

Or eat.


Anne said...

So true so true...I hate how people think that those generic answers will really help. Is there was a way for me to "give this to God" I would give it to him in a second and be cancer free!

I did want to say thanks for visiting my blog..and for letting me know about thecancerblog (I had no idea about that!). I have really found that blogging helps me..I hope that it helps you as well.

My version of prayer at the moment is to "keep my fingers crossed". I will be keeping my fingers crossed for youf family. And I am in no way telling you that is how you should do it! :)

Lizard Eater said...

Thanks, Shayna Madel! ;) I'm enjoying your blog ... well, enjoying isn't the right term. Wish you weren't going against the c-beast. But I enjoy all your comments on everything. You're extremely witty.