Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liquid diamonds

Big difference between a cancer patient and a cancer patient's mama? I LOVE chemo day. Little Warrior gets it weekly: every week, Vincristine, and every three weeks, Vincristine + Dactinomycin.

I love chemotherapy. It is liquid diamonds to me, going in and vanquishing the tumors, causing all those cells to POOF!

The long drive to the medical center, the hours of waiting ... WAIT when you get there, then WAIT in the infusion area, then WAIT to see the doctor, then WAIT for the chemo ... no problem. Fussy baby? Well, I'll just pop her in the sling strapped to my chest and we'll walk around and around and around the pediatric oncology area. Each step gets us closer to time for chemo and each drop of chemo gets us closer to her being well.

I love chemo day.

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