Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy 1/2 Price Chocolate Day!

Hey, we'll take our celebrations where we may. The Husband hit Godiva for 1/2 price Valentine's chocolate. He called me, asking my opinion about his selection. "We still have some left from Christmas," I told him. "A small box is enough." "Yeah," said he, "it's not that long til Mother's Day."

Mother's Day!

It seems a million years from now. I have no idea what my world will be like by Mother's Day. By then, Little Warrior will probably have had her surgery, perhaps be in post-op chemo. What will our home be like, come Mother's Day?

Right now, things are just ... unsettled. I haven't yet settled in to having a "normal life" some time, yet always ready to drop everything and go back in the hospital. And then there's the weekly chemo treatments.

But Little Warrior seems so normal. She laughs, she plays. She hasn't lost her hair yet. She has good color. So, we somewhat go about our day, stopping occasionally to take blood pressure, or hook up her iv antibiotics, or take her captropril.

I've had the weird situation of having do "de-reassure" people. Yes, I'm making up a word. Here's the situation: word somehow got out that she had "turned a corner." Whatever that means. A neighbor stopped by yesterday to check on us. When I said something about going for chemo weekly, she stopped me. "But I thought everything was all over?" No, I told her, we're actually just at the start of the process.

The whole thing is just weird, weird, weird. I occasionally tell myself "don't be overdramatic." Then I have to remind myself, "you're not being overdramatic. Your baby has cancer. It's real. It's happening."

So, in summation, we are in a period of adjustment. Explaining to the children that when we're here, we're here, and the normal rule apply. Trying to stay kept up on laundry and bills. Figuring out work-arounds to things like the fact that I can't go to the grocery store anymore.

Tomorrow is "double chemo" day. Rah-rah.

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