Friday, January 27, 2006

Hard battles, hoping for an easy war

NOTHING is easy. She's still got the canula (thingie in the nose), still has the Foley catheter, still hooked up to all kinds of monitoring devices, ivs, etc. After she tolerated the pedialyte okay, we were given the go ahead to nurse. Now, she wouldn't take the pedialyte in a bottle because she's been exclusively breastfed. Sorry, I didn't train her to a bottle anticipating that she would get cancer!

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."

Anyway, with a syringe, we got it down her. At midnight, we were free to nurse. Well, nursing a baby with a canula in her nose just AIN'T gonna happen, or at least, not this baby. Took it out. Tried for an hour to nurse. Not gonna happen, not after the whole canula incident. Okay, so bundle up all the wires, hoses and tubes and get her back in bed.

This morning, we were able to nurse (again, each time we have to go through a 3 person ordeal of moving wires, hoses and tubes and HER) ... but she threw it up. Probably because that's what she does at least once a day, having nothing to do with the nursing per se.

Tried again later. Did fine, except we had to give her blood pressure medication, which meant she threw up again. Not an easy one for taking any medicine by mouth, even before all of this. Oh! And mixed in all of this, The Husband is trying to hold an oxygen mask close enough to her that she'll breathe some of it, but not so close that she fights like a wildcat to get it away. Hmmm. Back when we were in college, I don't think that that is quite the way he envisioned getting close to my bosom.

And we're going to start the chemotherapy today. Cross fingers and toes that it goes well. Ideally, they'd wait til she was somewhat back to normal ... but we can't. The tumors are shoving everything up into her chest, making it harder for her heart to work, which in turn affects her kidneys, which already have problems their ownselves since that's where the tumors are residing.

But you know, I can take every battle being a sunovabeech if it means that the overall war is "easy." Do the chemo, get the surgery, be cancer free.

Sounds good to me.

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