Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tell me again how lucky I am

Okay, I understand the mission behind it, but I'm getting tired of people telling me how "lucky" I am. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know ... I'm lucky to live in a country where I can get good healthcare. I'm lucky to have a good, close family. I'm lucky that it's Wilm's tumors and not some worse type.

But it's one thing to know this yourself and comment on it, and quite another for someone who is not going through this to lecture you on it. My dear daddy, bless his pointed head, actually said, "If you'd been born when I was, you'd have two dead babies right now." (My first child had emergency surgery for a blockage when he was an infant.)

It has been ONE WEEK since we found out that the happiest baby in the world has cancer in not one, but both kidneys. Yes, the cancer is curable, but guess what? That's only one part of the equation. Killing the cancer has to be balanced with saving the kidneys, saving the heart. I always thought it was a quip when people would say "the thing with chemo is, you hope it will kill your cancer before it kills you." Guess what. It ain't a joke. It is literally true.

Let ME decide how lucky I am, please. And unless you have had a child fight cancer ... do not tell me I'm "lucky."

Lizard Eater

p.s. If another person tells me "this is a good cancer to have," they're going to get ... well, they'll get a mean look. Aw heck, probably not. Okay, then, then ... THEY'LL GET A TOTAL POKER FACE!!! Ha. That'll teach 'em.


Jamie Goodwin said...

Do you accept prayer?

I am amazed by mothers (women in general) you have such an ability to take a situation as emotionally dangerous as one like this is and look at what must be done, and what is next.

I would still be rolling on the ground in despair.

I won't say you are lucky, I will say you are inspiring, at least to me..

Lizard Eater said...

We have prayers rolling in from all over the globe and we are happy for them. Catholic, Unitarian, Pagan, agnostic, Southern Baptist, Jewish ... we luv 'em all, and thank you for them.