Monday, May 26, 2008

Yesterday was a really good day

Lazing around, then the DRE-BFF came and babysat so that all the other grownups could go out to dinner. That was so refreshing, being somewhere with no kids to worry about, cut up food for, etc. Had some kind of super duper frozen layered high octane cocktail that reminded me of popsicles.

Came home and all of us -- including the DRE-BFF -- had karaoke night. Whoo-hoo!

It was a nice vacation ... today, though, LW has a fever, bouncing between 99 and 100. If it goes to 101, we have to go the ER.

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Anonymous said...

The last post I read was the April 1st post. I have been checking in over the last couple of years. I found this blog when Mary-Elizabeth was still in treatment. I checked back on a whim to see how great life was for you.

I am so so sorry to hear that the monster is back. I guess that is why we go in for the montly checks. As much as we want to believe it is gone and gone for good, other's know better. I wish I could be of more support but know that I also believe in prayer,and magic, and Navaho healing ceremonys. I will light a candle as soon as I have a chance.