Friday, May 02, 2008

We are on holiday

Or is it furlough? In any case, we are home and nothing has begun, yet. Chemo has not begun, radiation has not begun. Aunt SIL is here, Mother-in-Love is here, and tomorrow, my parents will be here.

Sunday is The Boy's birthday. We'll have a lovely family party.

So, it is a bit surreal. We are all together, as if it were Christmas. And we do have a birthday to celebrate. And Little Warrior is doing incredibly well, thanks to Aunt SIL, whom I hereby change to "Aunt Amazing." My little scamp didn't even want to sit upright ... and within a couple of hours, Aunt Amazing had her up, walking, playing ... LW even walked upstairs on her own motivation. Aunt Amazing is -- literally -- a marathoner, but by midafternoon, she had to lie down for a lap. LW wore her out.

That's a good kind of energy to have. May it serve her well.

Tonight, we will tell the children that the cancer has returned. Then we'll watch "Why Charlie Brown Why." And eat homemade pizza. Kneading the dough, stripping oregano from my windowsill plant, scissoring in basil from that plant ... an ordinary thing, rendered pure pleasure by realizing how fleeting the experience will be.

It's a jolly holiday. For the most part.

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