Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"Historical" Jesus

Also from last night ...

Other: went off on a vent last night to Husband about the utter lack of logic that some of these students are willing to interject into their theology. I'm not talking Unitarian-type logic. I'm talking within the bounds of the Bible. To whit: I was in a group last night with two guys (incl the one who wanted my notes) and we were to write up our beliefs on the historical Jesus. The characters in this were The Pastor, The Islander (I don't know where he's from) and me, The Heretic.

The Heretic: Okay, so we need to write up our beliefs [I'm playing good Christian girl, of course] about the historical Jesus. Let's start pre-birth.

The Pastor: Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Heretic: Well, this is supposed to be on the *historical* Jesus.

blank look

Heretic: You know, the "historical" Jesus we've been reading about. That which we have some sort of record for.

The Pastor: But we have a record. We have the Bible. That gives us our historical Jesus.

Heretic sighs and moves on: Okay, do we want to put that Mary was a virgin? We read last week that "virgin" was perhaps mistranslated from the original text.

The Pastor: Of course she was a virgin. It's in the Bible.

Heretic again sighs.

The Islander, looking in his bible: And he grew up in Nazareth.

Heretic: Okay, remember that. We're going through chronologically. Anything else before he was born?

The Islander: See, right here, he grew up in Nazareth.

Heretic: Yes, yes, but right now, in our chronology, he isn't born yet. Okay, now his birth. What are we going to say about that?

The Pastor: What it says in the Bible.

Heretic: Yes, but it's only described in Luke and Matthew, and they have contradictions. For instance, in one, there's the shepherds, in the other, there's the wise men. So which are we going to choose?

Islander: Both of them. They happened at different times.

Heretic: Okay, well, where are we going to say he was born? In Nazareth or Bethlehem?

blank look

Heretic: Okay, I'm going to say Bethlehem, even though some historians doubt it, because in order to fulfill the Old Testament prophesy, Christ has to be born in Bethlehem.

Islander: Herod called to kill him.

Heretic: Okay. Now, Herod was only mentioned in one book. Do we choose to include that in our belief?

The Pastor: It's in the Bible.

Heretic: Ohhhhkay. So then where did Christ grow up?

Islander: Nazareth

Heretic: Okay, when did he move to Nazareth?

blank look

Heretic: We've said that we believe in the Herod story. If we accept that, then we have to accept that Jesus and his parents fled to Egypt.

blank look


Monday, December 13, 2004

Jaw dropping

Um, am I a grade prude?

Had two "interesting" things happen tonight at class. First: had a substitute and learned what my theological limits are. Taking notes and parroting back something I don't believe -- sure, for the sake of education, can do. Have a "socratic method" prof (who is fundamentalist Christian) who wants to delve into our personal theologies (and then argue with them)? No. Just ... can't ... do ... it.

Then, after class, we students were chatting about how our regular prof is going to email us the questions for our final (take home) exam. A person in the class who I've fairly well respected, who happens to already be the 50ish pastor of his church, comes up to me with that casual air of "of course you will" expectation and says, "hey, email me your notes."

I'm sure my jaw dropped.

"ALL of MY notes?"

"Yeah, sure."

Note: I do not mind sharing notes with someone who has missed class. In fact, I copied a month's worth of notes for someone who had foot surgery AND her dad died.

But he hadn't missed any classes.

On top of that ... there were two other gentlemen hovering over us, ready to add their names to my little distribution list.

"Uh, no," I laughed it off, like SURELY he couldn't be serious. "If you have any holes in your notes, email me." Went on to say something about how I can't trust that I have my notes accurate, would hate to pass on errors, etc.

"Oh, go on," he says. "You take the best notes in the class."

Did not say what I wanted to which was: "Um, maybe you should rethink copying my notes, since I'm not what you would classify as a 'believer' and am in fact, a heretic and a heathen to boot."

Just busied myself and left.

He's a preacher, I mentioned that already, right?

Monday, December 06, 2004

.4 to .9

I always think of myself as a "glass half full" kind of person, but there are things where I certainly go the other way. To whit: I need to see a perionatalogist. My early blood tests came back showing that this pregnancy has an increased risk of Down's syndrome.

How much? Well, it's still less than 1%. I went from about a .4% chance to a .9% chance. Went from 1/233 to 1/129.

So, next week, I have an appointment; first for a level 2 ultrasound, then a possible amnio ... although, the way I'm feeling now, I want to go ahead and get the amnio. Be done with *that* particular stress for the rest of the pregnancy. Husband has to go with me, in case I get an amnio, since I won't be able to drive after. Not sure why, I guess because there's a risk of leaking from the injection site and pressing the gas pedal would disturb that or something.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln ...