Monday, December 13, 2004

Jaw dropping

Um, am I a grade prude?

Had two "interesting" things happen tonight at class. First: had a substitute and learned what my theological limits are. Taking notes and parroting back something I don't believe -- sure, for the sake of education, can do. Have a "socratic method" prof (who is fundamentalist Christian) who wants to delve into our personal theologies (and then argue with them)? No. Just ... can't ... do ... it.

Then, after class, we students were chatting about how our regular prof is going to email us the questions for our final (take home) exam. A person in the class who I've fairly well respected, who happens to already be the 50ish pastor of his church, comes up to me with that casual air of "of course you will" expectation and says, "hey, email me your notes."

I'm sure my jaw dropped.

"ALL of MY notes?"

"Yeah, sure."

Note: I do not mind sharing notes with someone who has missed class. In fact, I copied a month's worth of notes for someone who had foot surgery AND her dad died.

But he hadn't missed any classes.

On top of that ... there were two other gentlemen hovering over us, ready to add their names to my little distribution list.

"Uh, no," I laughed it off, like SURELY he couldn't be serious. "If you have any holes in your notes, email me." Went on to say something about how I can't trust that I have my notes accurate, would hate to pass on errors, etc.

"Oh, go on," he says. "You take the best notes in the class."

Did not say what I wanted to which was: "Um, maybe you should rethink copying my notes, since I'm not what you would classify as a 'believer' and am in fact, a heretic and a heathen to boot."

Just busied myself and left.

He's a preacher, I mentioned that already, right?

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chutney said...

Ain't no one can cheat like a seminarian can cheat.