Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sculpting Margot Adler

Went to a Women's Conference this past weekend with three of my chums. That was the most important component of the weekend -- driving up and staying in one room with three women, all of us spiritually and otherwise greatly compatible. So much talking, eating and having fun ... staying up til 4 am Saturday night, having philosophical and spiritual revelations. Am sick now, having run my motor at too high a gear all weekend!

Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon and NPR correspondent, was the theme speaker and led some marvelous ritual, including an opening spiral dance. That gave me the opportunity to come face to face with 4 members of my old Circle, which was exciting. Coincidences were abounding.

So, back to Margot. Like most folks exploring paganism, I read "Drawing Down the Moon" as one of my introductory pieces. So, I'm pretty star-struck about her.

At my second workshop -- on Theatre for the Oppressed -- she shows up to participate. With absolutely no manuevering on my part, she and I wound up partners for an exercise where we "sculpted" each other into various emotions. Very down to earth, she was, and fun. We also wound up doing a little skit together with two other women. Cool!

Our little group decided that on the years when Women's Conference is too far away, we're going to have a church women's retreat ... no roughing it allowed. Nice hotel, go out to a great dinner, etc. As I wrote above, that was the biggest part of the conference -- communing with other like-minded women. Partners and children left at home -- well, except for nursing babies, which I will be attached to next year. I keep forgetting that. I'm so busy, I literally forget I'm pregnant until I bump the huge belly into a doorway or the refrigerator door. Trying to sell our house and look for one closer to T's work.