Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Not only have we made a decision, we feel confident in it, and our hearts are in it.

We're going for Big Children's Hospital. That's the doctor who knows more about the minutiae of Little Warrior's case. He eased our fears about secondary leukemia and -- this impressed us -- called the other doctor and discussed the case with him. After discussing some of the finer points of her case, doctor from Prestigious Cancer Hospital said that it was "sound thinking," and agreed with his logic.

When we told BCH doctor that we chose him, he was open about being happy. He thanked us for our trust and said that he would have been very disappointed if he hadn't been able to continue treating her.

That made us feel good. Feeling that your doctor genuinely cares for your child can't be discounted.

So, Wilms Tumor recurrence, Stage 3, going on Regimen I.

Just gotta get the echocardiogram tomorrow.


Earthbound Spirit said...

Having a plan has got to feel good, and having a doctor that cares about your child as an individual is golden. Continuing prayers...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizard Eater,

Thanks for the update. I'm so glad you're working with a wise and trustworthy doctor. Also, the Love Through Action idea is awesome. I'm coming up with a list of things I can do and will let you know when they are complete.