Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Little Bits, Randomly Written While Writing a Term Paper

... and taking medical phone calls.

Best Gentle Suggestion By the BFF-DRE:

"Well ... why don't you just paint your fingernails blue?"

(Response to LE saying that I want to go get my waist-length hair cut off to about my ears.)

Poignant Moment of the Day:

I took LW over to my parents' RV for a visit. When talking about what they're going to do, I suggested that they take her for a nice walk. We're hoping we can begin chemo on Friday and when we do, we'll have to keep her out of the sunshine. For the next 6 months.

Do What the Angels Do:
In Blessing the World, Rebecca Parker tells of receiving a call to come help a young couple in a tragic circumstance. Her church secretary advises her, "Do what the angels do ... just be there."

My readers are brave. There are some who couldn't take being on this journey with me. This is where I let it all hang out, and I'm sure it's too painful for some. But my readers, you cry and pray with me.

You do what the angels do.

You know how antioxidants are so hip these days. All the cool kids are taking them. Well, if you're on chemotherapy or radiation, you want to avoid super antioxidant juices, supplements, etc. Why: What antioxidants do is prevent DNA damage. What chemo/radiation does: create DNA damage in cancer cells. So if you take antioxidants, you're helping to save the cancer.

(But take them to avoid cancer, if you're not on chemo/radiation.)

Safe Place
One of the cool things about our hospital is that every floor has a playroom, and every playroom is a "safe zone." While you're in there, no one is allowed to check your vitals, give you owies, etc.

I don't know how much at-home stuff there's going to be, taking medicines and whatnot, but I'm going to try and make my parents' RV the "safe zone" for LW. No owies. No meds.

Just love. And ice cream.


RevCindi said...

Recently found your blog. Am following your posts closely. Just wanted to let you know you all are in my prayers. Sending positive energy your way. I had a cousin with Wilms.

Terri said...

Sending you lots of thoughts and prayers...and if I could, ice cream-- oh yes!!! I do believe there is healing power in ice cream.

jbgrinch said...

sounds like a great plan. a safe place where nothing can hurt you only love and peace

Kelli said...

I am so heartbroken. Im so sorry LE.

Kelli said...

can you email me your address...I cant find it anywhere! Thanks...