Sunday, July 25, 2004

Universalist movement outside UUism

I just put it all together.

There's someone else preaching our message. Though in real life, he believes the only way you can be saved is through Jesus, and though in an interview, he will admit to being socially and politically conservative on issues such as abortion and homosexuality, his sermons are completely Universalist. J-- O-- of L-- Church on TV, preaches about the love of God. No hell or damnation. He preaches to those of all stripes. He is a cheerleader, encouraging people to be their best self. Face it, he's a modern-day universalist, giving them "not hell, but hope and courage."

UU's, are you paying attention??? He stays away from politics, preaches simple messages designed to appeal to the heart. And his congregation, in addition to being huge, has no racial majority. We preach about it, he's living it.


In related news, I preached today. "I like your passion," said one lady. Well, I guess I was on fire today. Admitted a mistake, saying hey, if Stephen Hawking can, so can I. I used to believe that charity begins at home; I have since learned the error of my ways. The churches that grow are invested in outreach. It's kind of like the belief about wealth, that if you learn to give it generously, you will have more than enough. We have such an incredible message of love and acceptance. Unlike the aforementioned church, we don't have to hide our hidden feelings -- you will be loved and accepted in Unitarian Universalism, whatever your sexuality, whatever your belief structure. We have to take this message out to the people.

Is there such a thing as a charismatic UU? ;P

Went and drove to the theology school today. It looks charming, but I'm going to have to figure out the best way to get there. The Spur is closed for the next year or so, so we wound up wandering all over to get there. Being in the downtown area, you see homeless folks here and there. I remarked that I would need to buy some of those Balance bars that don't melt to hand out. Husband replied that he wanted me to carry mace along with the bars.

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