Saturday, July 17, 2004

Herding cats

Err, just had a meeting about how our pt minister is about to leave us. The old chestnut about how if you have two UUs in a room, you'll have 3 opinions, is often proven to me to be true. This meeting was no exception. Actually creating the agenda for our meeting with the congregation took about 5 minutes, but it was spread out in 20 second increments through conversations (arguments) about philosophy of ministry, do we operate as a church or a fellowship, should you come to church for the relationships or for UUism, etc.

"Is this really the life you want?" asks the heckler on my shoulder. Yeah, it is, gosh darn it. I'm proud to be in a religion that refuses to accept easy answers and constantly points out the emperor has on no clothes.

Even if, sometimes, he actually does.

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