Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great Holiday Songs You May Not Know - Day 22

Today's is for A. L., S. B., and others who are hurting.

Sometimes all you want for Christmas ... is for it to be over.  It magnifies every hurt. Can I just sleep through it, this year? you muse.

I love those churches that do a "Blue Christmas" service a few days before Christmas. Sometimes, misery does love company.

Even when we're not having a sad Christmas, even when things are happy, sometimes we need to shed a few tears.  A few tears for sad memories, a few tears acknowledging that there will be other Christmases that are not so merry.

Joni Mitchell wrote this song. There are lots of great versions (I really like the Robert Downey version, too), and I just found this one. It's simple, clean, sad, and lovely.

Allison Crowe

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