Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Holiday Songs You May Not Know - Day 21

Most remakes of A Christmas Carol are pretty bad.  The latest, Christmas Cupid, completely stripped away any message of interdependence and responsibility to fellow man, making it a shallow show all about how a woman shouldn't just have a career, she should also love a hunky guy.  O the humanity. 

But Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.  Ahhh.  A classic in its own right.

How can you not love the Cratchits?  Though poor, they “are cheerful because they cannot help it, and because they all love one another.” 

I don't know what razzleberry dressing is. I probably wouldn't like it.  But this song makes me giggle and feel happy inside.

May you have a Christmas more glorious than grand.


Elizabeth said...

If you haven't seen The Digital Nativity, you're missing something! Cute, cute, cute.


--Elizabeth in VT

Katie said...

Nice post. I think the best holiday songs are the ones i used to listen to as a kid. Check out this cute video I found to see what the kids are listening to this Christmas. http://video.msg.com/Home/MSG-KidCam-Holiday-Songs-Special