Sunday, December 19, 2010

Great Holiday Songs You May Not Know - Day 19

I believe in Santa Claus, I know he exists, and I absolutely love it when I get to be Santa Claus.  It is a big rite of passage when our children are able to become "Level Two" Santas.  Deep crinkles appear between their eyebrows as they work their brains, trying to decide who they'll Santa and how.

You can, too.  Consider it a gift to yourself.  Be like my hero, Larry Stewart, and be someone's really secret Santa.  Take a bill -- a little more than you can afford -- and look for the right person.  Perhaps it's someone in the dollar store, trying to stretch their paycheck.  Or someone at the bus station.  Pretend to pick up something by them.  Hand them the bill and say, "I think you dropped something."  Give them a wink and a smile.  And disappear quickly.

Or something less dramatic.  An outrageously large tip to someone.  We usually stop by Sonic and pick up drinks for our trip driving around looking at Christmas lights.  A teenager working Dec. 23rd will be really happy for a $20 tip.  Or more.

You don't have to judge whether the person "deserves" it.  This is a gift for you.  You get to be Santa Claus.

Shake Hands with Santa Claus
Louis Prima

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