Saturday, December 11, 2010

CPE and Full Circle moments

We interrupt your holiday music schedule to share this "Full Circle Moment" with you.

I'll be doing my CPE -- Clinical Pastoral Education -- this summer. Originally, under the advice of a mentor, I'd looked for one in mental health, but the certified CPEs are all hospital-connected here. I wanted a place that treated both kids and adults. Under advice of other seminarians and new ministers, I wanted a supportive CPE program.

When Little Wren was being treated, we had to go to another hospital for her outpatient radiation. The people at this place touched me, impressed me, both with their medical expertise and their spiritual care.

I really hoped I could CPE there.

Got my letter today.  This is where I'll be this summer.  A spiral moment.


ms. kitty said...

Wahoo! How very exciting, LE!

Kelly KH said...

LE, that is great news. Namaste.

plaidshoes said...

How wonderful!

Masasa said...