Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why Facebook is Different than a Religious Community Themed Blog, Reason #436

If, on a late night of browsing Facebook, you post the idle question of Can you be a UU and believe in original sin, when you wake up in the morning, there will be answers from:

  • A UU friend who isn’t really interested in theology


  • A Unitarian theologian


  • Your old high school boyfriend (Catholic) who is convinced you’re a wacko going to hell, but wants to intellectually join the conversation and fancies himself far more erudite than reality would confirm (meow)


  • A UU DRE (raised Catholic) who can straddle both worlds


  • A UU you casually know who doesn’t go to church but feels strongly about the power of the P&Ps.

Big thanks to He-Who-Knows for the throwdown. You are a great teacher. I owe you a cuppa joe.

Reminder note to self: go back and reset your security settings when this is all over.

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