Saturday, May 23, 2009

4 years old

Tomorrow -- Sunday -- Little Warrior turns 4 years old.

We've already made her "morning" birthday cake.

One year ago Right This Minute, I couldn't even begin to wonder about what today would be like. Too, too scary. Today ... well, I'm grateful for today. But too scared to think about what a year from now will be.

But tomorrow morning, Little Warrior will be surrounded by her family as she wakes up to birthday singing and candles to blow out. Gifts to open.

She won't know that I'm the one who got the best present of all.


Earthbound Spirit said...

Happy Birthday to LW! And many blessings to the rest of the family, too. Have a great day!

The Eclectic Cleric said...

Oh LE, I see these picture and I am SO HAPPY for you and for your family. And may there be many, many more birthdays like this in years ahead

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday Little Warrior¡

jbgrinch said...

hippo birdy to you little warrior :-)

kimc said...

Happy Birthday! and many more!