Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 Months

What would you give for three months?
June, July, August.
An entire summer.

A summer of swimming lessons
A family vacation to the mountains
Visiting grandparents

A summer of playing outside
And the kids of the neighborhood
In and out of your house

Dripping popsicles and sticky fingers
Going to the chilly movie theatre for a matinee
In the oppressive heat of the day

No hospitals
No "don't," "can't," "germs"

Three months.

The three most beautiful letters in the world
No Evidence of Disease

They don't mean cure.
They don't mean forever.

They mean
Three months til the next scans.

An entire summer.

My heart is full.


ms. kitty said...

I am SOOOOO Glad!

ogre said...


plaidshoes said...

Wonderful news! I hope you all have a great summer.

jbgrinch said...

how wonderful

Elizabeth said...

Whoo hoo! Here is to hundreds more three months.

Kristina said...


Earthbound Spirit said...

Enjoy the summer! I predict there will be cupcakes...

Tara said...

YAY!!! And. . . what Elizabeth said, too. :)

kim said...

Great! May it be the best summer yet!

fausto said...


Kelly KH said...

Yes :::pumps fist in air::: !! Here's to a fabulous summer :)

Liz Hill said...

Here's to NED - long may he wave! Enjoy your summer,