Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Auspicious Trip

Hi, all. Well, Auspicious Jots and Lizard Eater were going to blog their trip, but then we decided --

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Oh, I’m just kidding. Her wifi connection wasn’t working well, and we were too busy having fun to go hunt down a coffeeshop. But I was keeping careful notes, so I could post later.

First, here’s some things to know about Jots:

a) She lives LARGE. She can do more with RA and viral meningitis than some completely healthy folks I know. You know, like me.

b) You know that scene at the end of Groundhog Day, where everyone in Puxatawnie knows Bill Murray and is coming up greeting him, thanking him, etc? Well, then you know what it is like going anywhere – and I mean anywhere – with Jots. Chances are, if you’re from her town, she either married ya or buried ya. I say with no hyperbole that this woman is completely beloved and frequently adored.

c) Now, if you’ve seen the bar scene in Star Wars, you remember, the one with all the wild looking aliens? Then you have an idea about the kind of place Jots likes to frequent.

Okay, that was hyperbole. But she does know the places to go for the best live music. And, natch, all the musicians know her. And adore her.

So, there’s your basic info. Feel free to skip all the trip posts. Jots is still suffering brain cloud* and I promised I’d let her know all the things we did.

* “There’s no such thing as a brain cloud!” Meg Ryan, Joe Vs. the Volcano
* “Meg Ryan’s character obviously never had viral meningitis.” -- Auspicious Jots

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Every 7th Day said...

Making me look great and bad at the same time, LE. When the heck did you write all this down?

And Jabba the Hut wants me to give you his number.