Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes Day

My father called me a few days ago and announced that he and my mom needed to have a "Yes Day" with Little Warrior. So yesterday morning, hat on head, carrying a little backpack and a big tote bag, she was delivered to their home away from home during All of This, their RV.

I started "Yes Day" at my house a few weeks ago. LW hears "No" so much. No, you can't go to the store. No, you can't play with other kids. No, no, no. Take this yucky medicine. Stick out your finger to get it pricked.

So on one day where she didn't have any meds scheduled and no visits to the doctor, I said, "Today is Yes Day. Unless there's a really, really, really, good reason, I will say Yes to whatever you ask for."

We read a lot of books that day. Hard to complain.

A few days later, she spent part of the day with her grandparents. "It was Yes Day with Bubbe and Pops," she informed me later. "Is every day with them 'Yes Day'?" I asked her. She grinned and nodded.

My parents loved that. My strict, non-indulgent parents ... well, they disappeared a few years ago, to be replaced with these two marshmallows bobbing in a sea of warm grandparently chocolately goodness.

So, yesterday, she had a day of Nuttin' But Love. My dad even went to McDonald's, an unfamiliar territory, and bought her a cheeseburger for lunch. Unfortunately, he's not down with the world of Happy Meals, and in his effort to get the smallest burger, he got her a homestyle burger, which was unfamiliar, and remained uneaten. (But OMG, what a great story, hearing about my clueless dad asking for guidance from the oblivious counter guy.)

Cheeseburgers and jelly sandwiches and playing "store" with Bubbe's pocket change and then climbing into their bed for a long, long nap. For some reason, the kid that never wants to sleep at home absolutely loves sleeping in their trailer.

Everyone deserves a Yes Day.


Braidwood said...

What a lovely, lovely, lovely idea. I think I need a yes day. I think I'm going to go on a walk.

PeaceBang said...

oh yes
loved this
and that detail about the Happy Meal made me all chokey-uppy, but in a good way
"May I please have your teeniest tiniest hamburger?"