Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Different Detergents

There are three different detergents in my laundry room. Tide, because that's what we use, Unscented ALL concentrate, because that's what my environmentalist sister-in-law bought when she was here, and Arm & Hammer, because my recently retired mother-in-law likes to be careful with the pennies.

I have no complaints ... I am not that wedded to laundry detergent. And the reason for the different kinds is because while I was in the hospital at different times, whoever was there washed our laundry. I'm grateful for their help. True, that.

But still and all ...

I'll be glad when there's just one kind of detergent in my laundry room.

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goodwolve said...

My husband would flip out - he is ONLY a Tide guy. AND people recognize us by our smell. Like, hey that smells like you. It is a little freaky.