Monday, October 20, 2008

FYI, Re: St. Judes

Just a little detail ... because until I entered Childhood Cancer Land, I didn't know:

St. Jude Research Hospital is not a "when no one else can treat you, come here," hospital. It is an amazing research hospital, but it is a research hospital.

What this means: if your child has relapsed for the second time, as is the case with a friend of mine, and all of your doctors are saying, "Err, we don't know what to do," the only way you're going to St. Jude is if they happen to have a study open that your child qualifies for.

Great hospital, not disputing that. But still and all, my money goes to Curesearch. (And Make-a-Wish and Candlelighters.)

I really really hate this effing disease.


ms. kitty said...

I'm so sorry this is your life right now, LE. I think you show amazing strength to those of us who know you this way. If any of the rest of us ever have to walk this same path, we will know a little bit about how to do it. I hate it that you have to do this. I admire you for showing us how.

Lunasea said...

That's good to know. I'm not sure exactly where mye donation is going yet, but I do know it's going to childhood cancer after getting cyber-attached to you and Little Warrior.