Thursday, August 09, 2007

UU Minister Rock Stars

I got to meet my hero and Weight of the World blog-partner, Rev. Christine Robinson today. She knew I was coming, but you know I took great delight in telling the church receptionist, "Tell her Lizard Eater is here!"

She is just as lovely and gracious as you might imagine. 3 of my muppets (The Boy, The Princess and Little Warrior) got to meet here and ask a few questions. I explained to her that in our church, UU ministers are like Sasquatch -- we've heard that they exist, but we're not really sure we believe the rumors.

I restrained myself and was not too fawning, I hope. I did not ask her to autograph one of her sermons. (Momentary pause as LE considers the idea of UU ministers as rock stars, and wonders what the "audience" would throw up in pulpit. I'm sure someone out there has a good idea.)

But of course, rather than lighters, we'd all hold up mini-chalices (chali?) when they led a UU greatest hit.

(Image is replaced by the vision of a darkened theatre of UU's, holding chalices above their heads and swaying to Spirit of Life.)

I think the altitude is getting to me.

In any case, it was great fun. Christine is the first member of the UU blogosphere (those of us UU bloggers who not only have blogs, but also comment and answer back to other UU blogs) whom I've met and I enjoyed it so much, I've decided to tour the country with my brood, meeting all of the rest of you. You'll put all of us up, right?



ms. kitty said...

Hey, come visit me, LE. I've got room!

Anna Belle said...

If you're ever in Nashville, give me a shout. I'd love to have you and yours over.