Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 5

Last day, and we made the most of it – took the kids to see some Pueblo Indian ruins. After watching the little film at the museum, The Princess asked – “So, did the Spaniards FORCE them to be Christians?” We had an interesting conversation about what it would be like if someone came in and filled our sanctuary with sand (as they did the kivas) so we couldn’t enter, and if they smashed our chalice. We talked about how some of it was religious, but some of it was economic – they wanted to fashion the Pueblos into money-earning, tax-paying subjects. The more things change …

Came back from the ruins to say goodbye to my parents who were returning to their home. They will be coming to my town in September – they used to live there, so they have doctors’ appointments to follow up with. I’m glad it won’t be too young. My parents are (just about) 77 and 78. Even though they are in good health, I can’t help but have that flash when I kiss them goodbye of “Is this the last time …” Choke.

After a lunch of “anything you don’t eat, we’re throwing away,” we took the kids to a lake onk the banks of a Benedictine monastery. No bites, but it was big and spacious, with little grass in the water = perfect for them to practice casting into the water. I had the older two on spinning reels and the younger one on a push-button, and all were impressive at the end of it.

We had some worms and salmon eggs left, so in the ancient code of the brother/sisterhood of anglers, The Husband walked around the lake til he found an old fisherman, there with his grandson. The old angler was very happy to get the bait and they chatted for a while. Those of you who fish, you understand.

Came home and cooked up our fish from the day before. The Husband and I ate, but there were just too many little bones for us to feel comfortable with the koddoes eating them. (These are small, and you have to cook them whole, not fillet them.) So, feeling a bit like the Mom in a Christmas Story, “We’re going OUT for dinner!” Found a whole in the wall restaurant in town that was good. This was after going into one of the other three places in town and taking a look at their menu --- Quail diner, 30.95 … and deciding it wasn’t really a fit for our crew. “That’s where the summer home people go,” I informed The Husband loftily. Those of you who are townies, you understand.

Came home to finish packing everything up. Wrote a little poem in the guestbook, because I’m such a nerd. Took the kids for one last dip in the hot tub, since we’d promised (bribed) it, if they’d packed up their stuff expeditiously. It was completely dark and the stars … well, I miss stars, living in a big city. Even with a few wisps of clouds, the stars were dusty across the sky.

Got everyone in bed, including ourselves. It was chilly, but The Husband acquiesced to my demand for an open window, so I could faintly hear the river as we went to sleep.

Views up the mountain
Under the stars
The Pecos River rushing, shushing
Soothing us to sleep
Healing our souls

We return to real life,
But I know

In our hearts
Again, we will return to Trout Haven.

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