Thursday, August 30, 2007

I want to strip nekkid

... and pour the contents of my PurWater fridge dispenser over me.

No need to adjust your ratings filter. Lizard Eater is just hot Hot HOT. It is mid 90s in the shade, here on August 30. I pushed the stroller up to the school (1/2 mile) and back (10,000 freaking miles), this time the stroller loaded with backpacks and lunchboxes. And I have reached that point, that point that I reach every year around about this time. The point at which I say forget bloom where you're freakin' planted, I WANT A COOL FRONT!

My parents lived for a while in Rochester, NY. My mother recounts standing at the window, looking out into the grayness, the unceasing snow, and just crying. Tears running down her face.

I'm not crying, mostly because all of the fluid in my body has been converted to sweat.

I'm ready for fall. Autumn. Isn't it just the most delicious word, redolent of pumpkin and cinnamon and long-simmered stews on the stove? Granted, where I live, fall can still be hot, but it's bearably hot, not "I'm going to melt right here on the pavement and you're going to have to scrape me up like a gooey marshmallow and how are you going to explain THAT to your father?"

I'm heading for the PurWater ...


fausto said...

What is it about Rochester and UU bloggers and their parents? I was born there. PeaceBang and her mom lived there for a while, too.

Ms. Theologian said...

Dude, I was born in Rochester too!

fausto said...

No way! Strong Hospital?

Comrade Kevin said...

I live in the South, a region of the country where we think people who complain about the humidity are sissies. The truth is that none of us like 90% humidity or three weeks straight of 103 degree weather.

Snow is a rarity that compels all of us to rise up en masse, rush to grocery stores and purchase up all the milk, bread, and eggs without quite knowing why.

jacqueline said...

Oh... we complain loudly now that we live in the mid south. We are from the balmy climate of San Francisco and I was just not prepared for humidity. Complain and then jump in the kiddie pool or do like I do and water myself instead of the garden!