Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 4

Full, fun day! Already though, I am feeling the impending end-of-vacation blues. Tomorrow night, we’ll need to pack up, search under the beds for left-behind socks or toy bits, decide whether we’re going to take the milk or pour it down the drain. I tell myself to shut up, don’t think about it, don’t waste any time feeling sad. What a waste!

But today …

“Pops” came over with his electric griddle, syrup, and pancake batter. His grandkids always astound him with the copious amounts of hotcakes they can put away and he was dog-determined to fill them up. He made four times his normal amount and every single one was eaten. But the grandkids couldn’t have eaten another bite.

All of us went down to a special “kids only” pond for fishing. With Pops’, Dad’s, and Mom’s help, the three older ones all caught their limit of rainbow trout. Came home, cleaned them, and put them on ice. Tomorrow we’ll pan fry them whole in butter.

Rested a bit around the cabin, then had a hot dog dinner. My parents leave tomorrow morning, so this was our farewell dinner.

After they went back to their cabin, I finally broke down and told the kids to get on their swimsuits. Our cabin has a hot tub out back that they’d been clamoring to use. I’m not normally that much of a hot tub person … but this one was pristine, and sliding from the cold night mountain air into the warm water was pretty divine. And then to be sitting their, all 4 kids (even Little Warrior, on our laps) and us, looking up at the mountains … we’ll that’s a pretty terrific combination. Even if our kids did make jokes about the bubbles being giant farts.


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