Friday, January 05, 2007

Scan Date: Tuesday

Well, that's sudden. Which is probably good, since it gives me less time to go crazy. As one of the other "Wilms' Parents" says, "Every three months, we have a nervous breakdown." The new normal.

So, up early early to get to the hospital by 6:30 am for CT of chest, MRI of abdomen. Already got the phone call from the billing department informing us that since it's a new year, our deductible starts again, so be sure and bring $1000 with you, 'kay?

All prayers/candle-lighting/chicken-sacrificing accepted with thanks.


Christine Robinson said...

Will Do. (the prayer and the candle, not the chicken.) Hope you get results quickly, too.

juffie said...

We'll dedicate our week-end chicken to you all. Sorry the early hour, and $$$ stresses make the whole thing harder than it needs to be ... if that were possible. Prayers and candles, too. Strength and love and health to you and yours.

Nancy said...

I remember the first echocardiogram I took our son in for. I walked into the clinic knowing there was a 75% chance he would have a serious cardiac defect that would likely require surgery. I bit my fingers until they bled, and the scan took forever. Miraculously, there was no serious defect. Just a little narrowing in one spot they need to keep an eye on. For some reason, I went home and cried anyway.

But wait -- any artery can narrow at any time. Undetectable heart defects have been known to kill children with WS as teens or adults out of the blue in gym class. Come on back for a periodic study, kay? Oh there's no cause for concern, as he'll probably be fine.

No, my son does not have cancer, but boy, do I have an idea of how you might be feeling. My heart goes out to you...I hope you come home and feel the stress drain away from you somehow.

There are no live chickens here, but I do have a frozen one. I will thaw it, stick a beer can up its heinie, and throw on the barbie in your honor. :) :) :)

Anne said...

*hug* Im a little late huh?