Friday, January 12, 2007

4 Sets of Yellow Pajamas

That's what Little Warrior now owns.

Whenever you get surgery, day or otherwise, at her hospital, they put you in a set of yellow pajamas, which are yours to keep. She now owns 4 pair.

(shakes head in wonderment that her 19 month old baby could have had 4 surgeries.)

Well, today was mouth surgery. Chemo has its effect on developing teeth; in her case, her teeth either crumbled to bits or looked like swiss cheese. She is now sporting a Hollywood Smile of four capped teeth and two tooth-colored filled teeth. She also has cut-up gums and a puffy face, but we are DONE!

She is sleeping on her father, who is also asleep. (Part of being a daddy means developing an amazing knack for sleeping upright.) We will spend most of our weekend trying to give attention to LW, who, by the end of the week, began lashing out at strange times. (Go figure ... Tues=CT/MRI, Wed=doc appt, Thurs=onc. appt and blood test, Fri=surgery.) And attention to the 4 year old because having two different "grandmas" taking care of her this week has her doing deja vu back to last year. And attention to The Boy because he finally succumbed to the tummy bug going through our family. And attention to The Princess because everyone else is getting attention.

As for me, The Husband just found a recipe for a Truffletini that he wants to try out. (He loves to mix drinks, but rarely drinks, himself.)

Happy weekend to everybody. Long week, tough week ... but freakin' GREAT week here.


Laura said...

:::raising glass::: Here's to a string of really great weeks!!

Chris said...

Just found you. What a journey. Here's to the road ahead - and a lamp to light your path.