Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Forgot about IT ... then vividly reminded ...

At 1:00 today, I was filling in a form that asked for LW's birthdate. I thought, as I always do, of the cancer clinic, and how I have to "think" of my other kids' birthdates, but hers is automatic because it's the identifier that you're always being asked for.

Anyway, what was cool was realizing that I had gone a whole half-day without even thinking about cancer, or seeing it as part of who she is. (The Baby Who Had Cancer.)

And then ...

A friend just emailed me the link to the website for the daughter of an acquaintance of hers. Little daughter, just diagnosed with a terminal brain stem tumor.

Clicked on the link. Read. Saw her picture.

Died a thousand deaths all over again.

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Nancy said...

There are days I actually don't think much about WS but I suppose I'm thinking about it at some level constantly. It feels good to think about something else.

If I don't lock myself in the house with my child, we are reminded every day...and I die, too. :( Does this get better, do you think? So far, it's not.