Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Rule for Debates

"What's that game," I ask The Husband, "that one where you have a list of words you're not allowed to use?"

He doesn't remember ... I start to google it, then remember -- "Taboo."

"I think that in order to save the country from binge drinking, they should give all those debate-drinking-game terms ... my friends, maverick, middle class ... give those to the candidates like a Taboo card. And they have to go through the debate without using those words. If they use one of the terms, a loud buzzer sounds and they have to immediately shut up and pass to the other."

It'd probably be a really short debate.


Christina said...

hehe I thought that Tina Fey's drinking game idea was starting to sound really good about the 6th time I heard "my friends" tonight....hehe :-D

Anonymous said...

I think it might be nice to give the moderators more power. For instance, they should be able to cut off the mic when the candidate's time is up, or when they're not answering the question and instead spouting talking points.

I also think that in the case of last night's debate, the actual voter asking the question should be allowed to tell the candidates whether their answers were satisfactory or not.

But that's just me. I got fed up and turned off the TV after an hour, because I could tell I wasn't going to hear anything new.

Comrade Kevin said...

Or when Obama starts a sentence by saying "Well, look..."